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Why Should You Consider Hiring Us as Your WooCommerce Consultant?

Why Should You Consider Hiring Us as Your WooCommerce Consultant?

We are providing WooCommerce and WordPress development services to our local and international clients for the last nine years. Based in Singapore & India, we have a very powerful yet creative team of web designers and developers. So, if you are looking for a professional but affordable WooCommerce web developer in Singapore to build your online store with brand new customized design and features, get in touch with us. We can provide the most updated custom WooCommerce themes & plugins at very competitive pricing. We have already developed hundreds of WooCommerce websites for our clients worldwide.

Why Should You Consider Hiring Us as Your WooCommerce Consultant?

WooCommerce Development Pricing

We love to work on a Fixed Cost Model for our WooCommerce development services. The fixed pricing model is ideal for small to medium-scaled projects where you know the stretch of the scope and requirements. This model is perfect for small and medium scale online shops. Our pricing for WooCommerce development starts at SG$799.

How it Works?

Requirements and Scope Gathering : We will collect all the essentials first and send you an estimate for the cost and time required to complete your project based on the scope gathered.

Finalizing the Details : After discussing the details via Zoom/Skype or a face-to-face meeting, we will send the final quotation based on the completed scope, requirements, schedule, and terms of the project. All the details will be well documented to avoid any miscommunications.

Project Commencement : The project will be divided into smaller phases and milestones for easy monitoring and payment terms. This will help us eliminate any misunderstandings. Any further change to the scope will result in changes in the timeline and cost associated with the project.

Completion and Execution : Once the coding is completed, our professional testers will test the whole project to ensure optimum user experience and quality. Upon receiving the final payment, we will deliver the project to you.


Why is this model best for you?

  • The fixed cost model is suited for small to medium-scaled projects where you don’t have to worry about getting overbilled.
  • This plan has higher transparency.
  • It also has the lowest risks due to the high predictability of the outcome.
  • You will provide all the inputs and feedback, which will help us keep the project on the right track.
  • This model is very time, and cost-effective follows the basic Waterfall model of development.

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